]Best sushi in Boston, Cafe Sushi Salmon Roe on Crispy Seaweed with Slices of Wasabi


The Best Sushi in Boston can be found in two types of sushi places.  One is the high end expensive sushi restaurant that you frequent to appreciate the quality of the fish, the techniques of the sushi master and the beauty of the presentation. The other is affordable and probably conveniently located.  Because a sushi restaurant is affordable doesn’t mean they are serving subpar sushi, but the meal is probably not all that memorable.

So let’s start with the high end Sushi restaurants.   These include O Ya, Uni, Fuji at Ink Block, Oishii and Pabu.  You cannot go wrong with any of these restaurants.  Each one will offer the freshest ingredients made into innovative and unique dishes.  The dishes will be presented beautifully with as much care being taken for the aesthetics of the dish as for the taste of the dish.

These restaurants all offer an Omakase that will be a once in a lifetime experience for most people.  And the non-sushi menu can offer real Wagyu beef, robatayaki (skewers), full raw bars and more.  These restaurants will probably have a sophisticated sake and beverage program as well.  The Grand Omakase (21 courses) at O YA is $285 pp with $150 per person with beverage pairing plus tax and 20% gratuity.  That’s $555 pp.

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